Authentic Movements

Authentic Movements is both a school and an idea.


As a school, Authentic Movements is a continued education platform providing online and in-person study in the form of 200HR & 500HR teacher trainings, retreat intensives, and detailed workshops (remote or in a city near you).

As an idea, Authentic Movements proposes that everyone can embrace both intricate, anatomically-based alignment as well as free-form, creativity-inpsired movements.  And in fact…it is only through the combination of both that we can learn to move safely, but also authentically in our practice and in life. Join us! Together we can explore, create, and grow.

Digging A Little Deeper...

Authentic Movements was founded in 2015 by Steph Góngora (@casa_colibri) & Erin Kelly (@erinkellyart) as a school of movement dedicated to combining logical creativity with an adept understanding of human biomechanics. The gradual collaboration of workshops, weekend intensives, and information-packed retreats allowed Steph & Erin to merge their shared passions for yoga, dance, art, poetry, anatomy, sequencing, and movement in general. Today, Authentic Movements continues to offer the above opportunities, and is proud to also include online content + 200HR and 500HR trainings in a variety of formats.

Stemming from mixed backgrounds in the sciences and creative arts, Authentic Movements is the natural and continually evolving brainchild of decades of exploration, innovation, and dedication to growth on and off the mat. All course work (online & in-person) reflects the delicate balance between free-form, dynamic movement style practices and high level alignment cueing stemming from an underlying knowledge of body systems and anatomy.

The goal of Authentic Movements is not only to provide students and teachers with relevant and modern information surrounding sequencing, anatomy, and creativity, but also the necessary tools to extrapolate their learnings and studies into a variety of niches and needs. Continued education offerings are rigorous – less in regards to their physical demands, and more so from an informational and digestion standpoint.

For AM teachers, it is never enough to rely on outdated alignment cues and absolute rules in a movement practice. Instead, the objective is always to understand the deeper WHY behind the instruction and how it can help, hinder, or affect different bodies in different situations seeking different goals. Being a movement professional is a privilege, and Authentic Movements teachers and practitioners can rise to ever-changing opportunities with the knowledge that they are supported and have built their instructional foundation on a malleable, individualized, and evolving platform.





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