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What you can expect to see on the Authentic Movements APP

There are all kinds of new goodies up there including Stevi’s 6 week Guide to Handstand e-book + video program with daily handstand practices under 30 minutes.

There will be new content added weekly, and TONS of new classes, programs, and challenges coming your way.

Plus a bustling Facebook community where you can ask for a Tiny But Mighty Tutorial on a pose or transition of your choice or participate in exclusive giveaways for AM merch and experiences.

Erin & Stevi will be interacting daily with our friends on the app to hear about what you love and what you want more of.

Try it for the first month for only $1 (and $14.99/month after)

We can’t wait to see you there!!!!


Dancing with Self – Exploring the Art of Authentic Movements

18 HR – CET

Myofascial Release (MFR) in The Yoga Context

25 HR – CET

Wristoring your Practice

20 HR – CET

Hybrid Modular

300HR (500 Track) Program

The Authentic Movements hybrid 300HR training combines the best of both worlds. Get experience in communal creativity and direct, immediate feedback with our in-person (or live-streamed) modules (100HRS). Work at your own pace, pause, revisit, and take your time digesting the content in our online modules (200HRS). Plus you can do any of the modules in any order that you prefer. Once all 275 hours of mandatory modules are completed, get access (at no additional cost) to the practicum module for personalized feedback from main instructors. This program is designed for those with a base 200HR Yoga Teacher Training from any school.

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Authentic Movements is both a school and an idea. As a school (Yoga Alliance Registered), it is a continued education platform providing online and in-person study in the form of 200HR & 500HR teacher trainings, retreat intensives, and detailed workshops (remote or in a city near you). There is something for all-levels, with more coming soon.

As an idea, Authentic Movements proposes that everyone can embrace both intricate, anatomically-based alignment as well as free-form, creativity-inpsired movements.  And in fact….it is only through the combination of both that we can learn to move safely, but also authentically in our practice, and in life. Join us! Together we can explore, create, and grow.

A collaboration between Erin Kelly (@erinkellyart) , Bianca Scalise ( and Stevi Góngora (@casa_colibri)


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