Authentic Movements firmly believes that the study of yoga & movement is a continual journey. While 200 hours is just brushing the surface of what can turn into a life-long passion, EVERYONE STARTS SOMEWHERE, and we would like to invite YOU to start (or continue) with us!

Join Team AM + Guest Lecturers on this adventure through our highly comprehensive and affordable online teacher training package that exceeds all standards set and required by Yoga Alliance. (Yes, we are Yoga Alliance registered, and YA is allowing 100% online trainings through at least EOY 2021! Please watch the video below for all the Yoga Alliance details, but note that since filming, YA has now allowed online YTTs through end of year 2021).

Not sure if this course is right for you? Check out the details, videos, and testimonials below to learn how Authentic Movements goes above and beyond when it comes to providing a solid foundation in asana, philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, yoga history, and more. We aren’t your average teacher training course, but in a world full of new movement instructors, why not find a way to shine!


$1200 USD


$1400 USD – $400 USD deposit with a balance of $1000. Pay balance in payments of at least $200 and once balance is paid, the course is unlocked (after Oct 1st, 2020).


$600 USD – see below for details. Access granted to all content + manual, but no: homework, feedback, practicum, certificate.



On-demand (start whenever) PLUS personalized feedback & live teaching opportunities.


Sequencing strategies and biomechanics foundations so you can understand the WHY behind Your way, and how to add your own creative language to your teaching.


We call it a 200HR, but you get 250+ hours of content, worksheets, activities, and feedback that is ready and available to you for two years!


Upon completion, participants have the ability to participate in our 10 day, in-person intensive to receive an additional 100HR CET, as well as a variety of additional alumni activities and opportunities. First 10 day intensives coming Feb + April 2021 (if COVID=19 allows).


Start anytime, work at your own speed with both video & live feedback, and have access to the content for two years! Need to make a smaller deposit? No worries! Pay $400 USD now and payments of at least $200 USD until you reach your total balance due ($1400) and “unlock” the course. Or check out our AUDIT-ONLY option for 50% off!

Note: We process sign ups by hand, so please allow a few hours for course access after payment! Thank you! 

ON 9/25/20, announced that it will extend online training allowances through all of 2021! Which means you have plenty of time to complete this course and register, if you so choose.

 How it Works

AM Virtual 200 combines the convenience of an on-demand training with the functionality of personalized feedback and live teaching opportunities. Start whenever you want, take as long as you want. The content is yours for two years after your sign up date, and we are here to help every step of the way!  This is a professionally organized course through our LearnDash platform, which means no spreadsheets & Zoom links, just easy to follow videos, corresponding manual pages, associated + helpful worksheets & drills.

  • 25 Chapters + Practicum Video & Exam
  • 8-10hrs of content per chapter
  • Each chapter contains: Creative Vinyasa, Creative Restorative, 2+ Lectures/Workshops, 1+ Introspection Activities
  • Homework submitted @ the end of each chapter for file compiling + feedback
  • 4 Live Teaching touch-points, 9 video/written feedback touch-points, dozens of recommended partner/group activities
  • Facebook Group AND website forum to connect with other participants for practice
  • Frequent Q&A sessions & dedicated trainee inbox for inquiries/assistance

Take a look at what you will get when you sign up to train with Authentic Movements:

  • Open start date so you can begin whenever you are ready
  • No required timeline, but 1, 2, 3, 6 month schedules provided to help you plan
  • Access to the content for 2 years after sign up
  • 650+ page manual to download and use digitally or print a personal copy (Copyright Release included)
  • Bi-weekly Q&A sessions for anyone involved in the training
  • 4 Required live teaching opportunities in a variety of time zones
  • Growing Facebook group + website forum to connect with other members and alumni
  • Regular “check-ins” & written + video feedback with quick turn around window
  • Dedicated participant inbox to get your questions answered quickly
  • Organized and curated content provided by LearnDash to ensure you can stay on top of your progress
  • Ability to go back and revisit any class/lecture/session you’d like
  • 25+ Vinyasa Flow classes & workshops + the sequence breakdowns
  • 25+ Creative Restorative classes & workshops + the sequence breakdowns
  • Strength & Conditioning Mini Sessions to balance out your yoga
  • Mindfulness & Meditation segments to expand your introspective practices
  • Helpful Lectures on: Yoga History, Anatomy + Biomechanics, Philosophy, Business of Yoga, Sequencing, Cueing, Teaching, Inclusion, and MORE
  • Applied Activities Surrounding: Class design, intricate sequencing, cue carrying, public speaking, manual assists, growing your business and MORE


Need a scholarship?

While Authentic Movements tries to keep prices affordable for all interested parties, we also offer need and diversity-based scholarships. If a scholarship would open up this opportunity to you, and you’re interested in learning more, please fill out our attached form with as much detail as possible.


The AM Virtual 200HR is aimed at those looking to teach and/or progress their personal practice. All-levels are welcome, but some form of past movement practice is helpful. If you’re simply looking to expand your own movement modality without any interest in leading classes, you will still greatly benefit from the vast majority of the provided content. We welcome those new to teaching, as well as current teachers who want to dive deeper into the world of logical creativity & unique sequencing. This training is meant for anyone and everyone willing to think critically, embrace their creative side, and join the growing community of those not afraid to move authentically. 



Authentic Movements is not meant for those looking for a run of the mill teacher training. If you’re interested in collecting a few sequences to memorize or receiving a list of Right vs Wrong cues and alignment rules, this might not be the place for you. While we welcome use of our platform for continued education purposes and don’t require that you strive for or desire our 200HR certificate of completion, please understand that by purchasing this program, you are not Buying your certificate. You Earn it, and while Authentic Movements is happy to provide countless hours of assistance and tutoring along the way, we do not guarantee completion papers to anyone. That is 100% up to YOU. 

Taking the Course Vs Auditing

Taking the Course (for Certificate) means that you’re aiming to complete the entire course, in order, turn in homework, and teach a practicum class with the hopes of earning a certificate. This is ideal for those who do not yet have a 200HR and/or like the accountability of feedback and a schedule. It’s still on-demand (with 2 year access), but you must proceed in order the first time through the course. You can always go back to previously done items, but you cannot jump ahead from Chapter 7 to Chapter 15. Submit homework, take quizzes, get feedback, and participate in live teaching student sessions. The full course experience.


Auditing the Course means that you understand that you don’t want a certificate or feedback, and you just want the content. You still receive 100% of the course content from all 25 chapters, you can still attend the Q&A sessions and bonus AM Teacher Live Classes. You can SEE the homework (in case you want to practice), but you don’t submit anything, you don’t receive feedback, and you don’t teach on the online check-ins for students. You don’t take the practicum, and you are immediately granted access to our Audit version of the course, which is the same exact course, just with the linear nature removed. Meaning that you can jump wherever you want in the course, picking and choosing what is right for you. Ideal for those who already have a 200HR and just want to attend some lectures and classes, and those who are 100% sure that they don’t want to teach and therefore don’t want to do teaching homework submissions and live teaching sessions.


What is right for me? Check out our chart below to consider some details. The audited course was presented for many of attendees who already have their 200HR (or more) and were concerned with having to do everything in order when they just wanted access to the Creative Vinyasa classes and lectures. It IS also an option for those not looking to teach, BUT please consider that even if you don’t want to teach now, you may want to later. While public speaking and teaching can be the scariest part for many at a YTT, if you have any curiosity about teaching, we suggest you take the course as normal and challenge yourself to do the live sessions and video check-ins. That way you have the opportunity to earn your certificate if you ever change your mind about teaching. That being said, if you’re 100% sure that you never want to teach and you’re 100% sure that you do NOT want to do the live teaching videos and student Zoom sessions, the Audited course may be for you

Taking Course

Comparing Details

Auditing Course


Gets access to all content including manual & 25 chapters of 250+hrs of videos/activities



Has ability to EARN a certificate through course completion


Yes. All portions must be done to earn a certificate.

Has to turn in homework + practicum + complete quizzes to “finish” the course

No. No certificate is granted so trainees can do whatever portions they want.


Can attend optional live-streamed  Q/A sessions


Yes. Attendance and participation is required in route to earning a certificate.

Attends the four live teaching sessions for trainees that are spread throughout program

No. Auditors will not attend the four live student teaching sessions.


Can attend bonus, optional live teaching events with teachers



Receives feedback on check-in points and practicum.


Yes. Course must be done in order for the first round.

Has restrictions on content access the first time through the course.

No. Access given immediately to 100% of course so trainees can pick and choose.

Yes. Once the course is completed and certificate granted, access to library is granted too.

Access to practicum class library.

No. No practicum is turned in so no access to student flow library.

Those wanting to earn a certificate, receive feedback, and/or doing their first training.

Best for:

Those who already have a 200HR, are sure they don’t want to teach, or just want continued education without a cert.     

“Obtaining my 200-HR Yoga Teacher certification from Authentic Movements was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had been seeking out the perfect teacher training for over a year. I wanted an intensive training that was going to focus on the “why” behind every movement as well as be very in-depth with anatomy and cueing. When I found out that the AM team was going to host their own, I knew it was going to be a perfect match! I had practiced with Erin and Steph in their past workshops and online video bundles and felt very connected to their energy and teaching style. Not only did this training change the way that I viewed yoga and gave me the space to learn and question, but it prepared me for seeking out yoga teaching jobs after the training was over. Many of the studios in my area required at least a year’s worth of experience before being able to teach, however, I auditioned for two studios just a few weeks out of my training and received both jobs because of how knowledgable and prepared I was due to this amazing training!! This training pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone, grow, and evolve as a human. I can honestly say that this yoga teacher training from Authentic Movements changed my life in so many different ways and I will forever be grateful!”Alex Scalercio – April 2018 200HR Alum, 500HR Module Trainee

“There is something so magical about the way these ladies teach so when an opportunity came up to attend their YTT. I jumped at the chance thinking I would never get accepted in a million years but to my surprise I did, and I had an amazing experience. Every day was a blast from the funky morning flows to the lovely restorative classes in the evening, they even included some strength-based training which was perfect for a girl like me that likes to pick up heavy things. My practice felt so strong by the end of the month as my previous aches and pains disappeared as I learned how to move in the best way for my body. This training was so jam packed with lots of knowledgeable lectures which were very challenging, interesting, and well thought out. I thought my brains would explode but I learned so much about yoga philosophy, history, anatomy and so much more. I really feel like I am a better person for having attended the Authentic Movements YTT so thank you Steph, Erin, and Bianca for having me.” – Kelly Kinkead Nov/Dec 2019 200HR Alum

“I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Erin, Steph, and Bianca in 2019. I had such an amazing experience! I am really happy with the education I received. The units are well balanced between practicing yoga, teaching (including the business of!), anatomy, and philosophy. I started teaching yoga classes within a week of finishing my teacher training, and I was well prepared. The 200 hour is a really good sampler – you get a chance to dip your toes into all kinds of teaching styles and ideas. It’s a great way to learn a lot about what’s out there and what is interesting to you. Based on what I learned, I’ve continued to pursue education about sequencing and anatomy. 

Erin, Steph, and Bianca have very complimentary skill sets. They share the same core philosophy, and each bring their own perspective. Having multiple teachers was something I didn’t even know I wanted from a teacher training, and I am really thankful for in hindsight. They do a wonderful job of explaining complex ideas, then opening up the room for discussion. They truly created a safe space where I felt free to speak my mind and ask real questions. I’m an analytical person, and it was very important to me that I was given the opportunity to share my perspective and given the time to think things through.”Jill Foster – Jan/Feb 2019 200HR Alum 

Authentic Movements is privileged and honored to offer an exceptional Yoga Alliance registered 200HR Yoga Teacher Training for those interested in starting their journey as a movement professional or current teachers looking to delve deeper into their teaching and asana. And remember, teacher training isn’t only for those looking to teach! It’s also a great opportunity to hone your personal practice and body awareness.

In the past, Authentic Movements has done mostly in-person, intensive-style 200HR programs. While the camaraderie and community during an in-person training is beautiful, ONLINE OFFERINGS provide many benefits as well. These include:

  • EXTRA CONTENT – we can go above and beyond the standard 200HRs when there’s no timer and you can take as long as you’d like to complete the content
  • ON-DEMAND, WORK ANYTIME – You have access for two years. Take your time.
  • REVISIT SECTIONS: During the course, if you need more info or afterwards, if you really liked a flow. Again, the content is yours for two years. Go through in the provided order the first time, and then have access to whatever you want!
  • VIRTUAL COMMUNITY BUILDING: FB group + post alum opportunities + QA sessions. We can still be a community through our screens and then meet in person for continued growth and exploration!

Regardless of the training format (online or in-person), our 200HR YTTs offer a powerful foundation in anatomy, alignment, sequencing, and yoga philosophy, all while curating the growth and evolution of every teacher’s personal creative language and authentic teaching style.

While showing great reverence the long history of yoga in all of its forms, the Authentic Movements 200HR Teacher Training helps assign modern application to the myriad of traditional platforms and schools. This training is registered under Yoga Alliance as “Hatha Vinyasa,” however, Authentic Movements chooses not to be defined by any singular school and instead looks to combine a variety of movement methods to serve a continuously expanding audience and their changing needs.

The goal of the 200HR training is to equip new teachers with the skillset to teach safe and effective classes to the general population. Authentic Movements also strives to hone critical thinking and extrapolation skills for all attendees so that AM teachers understand the WHY behind the cues and are able to create Smart Sequences that reflect their personal teaching style.

Outside of a daily movement practice, attendees can expect courses/workshops on alignment, adjustments, teaching basics, sequencing, yoga history, anatomy, philosophy, basic Sanskrit, business ethics, social media + marketing, and public speaking. More than anything, Authentic Movements schedules copious self, small group, and class teaching time so that attendees can complete the training with a strong toolbox of teaching moments. For the online format, this will be carried out through a variety of video & live teaching opportunities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Authentic Movements is a Yoga Alliance Registered School at the 200 & 300HR level. Currently, due to COVID-19, Yoga Alliance has allowed for fully online trainings through the end of 2021. There is no guarantee that they will continue this provision into 2022. As long as Yoga Alliance allows it, upon successful completion of the 200HR program and receipt of certificate from Authentic Movements, students may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200HR RYT via the online training alone.

If in-person hours become required by Yoga Alliance in 2022, Authentic Movements may offer their in-person 10 day intensive as a training finishing course at a reduced rate, but there will be extra costs outside of this online program. Remember that certificates are earned, not bought, and while Authentic Movements is happy to provide assistance and check-ins along the way, the ultimate decision is YOURS.


Not sure if this training is right for you? Email us at [email protected]





Start anytime, work at your own speed with both video & live feedback, and have access to the content for two years! Need to make a smaller deposit? No worries! Pay $400 USD now and payments of at least $200 USD until you reach your total balance due ($1400) and “unlock” the course. Or check out our AUDIT-ONLY option for 50% off. 

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