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300HR (500HR Track) - YogaAlliance.org Registered


The Authentic Movements hybrid 300HR training combines the best of both worlds. Get experience in communal creativity and direct, immediate feedback with our in-person modules. Work at your own pace, pause, revisit, and take your time digesting the content in our online modules. Plus you can do any of the modules in any order that you prefer. Once all 300 hours of mandatory modules are completed, get access (at no additional cost) to the short practicum module for personalized feedback from main instructors. This program is designed for those with a base 200HR Yoga Teacher Training from any school, but the modules are also great continued education training (CET) for anyone, teacher or not.


The hybrid program requires 50-100HRS of in-person learning to build community and get continuous and instant feedback on your practice and teaching. The 50HR Deep Dive into Creative Sequencing is required in-person. This playful and community-centered 5-6 day event is best presented and digested when we can work and explore together in-person, craft artistically off the mat, and work regularly in small and large groups. The 50HR Practicing & Teaching Accessible Inversions is YOUR CHOICE. Meaning that you are welcome to take it in-person, which is the recommended format, but starting Oct 2023, this module will also be offered online, in the typical on-demand format of the other modules. Both Inversions and Creative Sequencing will be offered at least 1x/year in-person. Absolutely can’t make an in-person event work? Contact us at [email protected] to discuss alternative for the required synchronous, in-person 50HR .


On demand learning can be invaluable to busy individuals who are adding continued education to a full plate. The AM Hybrid 300HR offers 200-250 hours via our on-demand, pre-recorded modules. These are mandatory modules that are outlined below and can be completed in any order. You’re also welcome to purchase and practice a single module without applying it to our program! They all stand alone, and all have helpful pre-work included as additional, optional hours on top of the advertised amount. These modules will not be changing, and are included to exceed the criteria for optional YogaAlliance.org registration. Each module is available for 1 year after purchase, so come back to the content as needed and take your time.

NOTE: The 50HR Practicing & Teaching Accessible Inversions modules can be done either IN-PERSON or online. The online module launches Oct 2023 and is not part of the bundle purchase program. It is priced at $600 (vs $800 in-person).



,The total cost of all required modules for the 300HR certificate program will be approximately $2,600-3,100 USD.  The range of price is due to the flexibility and variety of options with in the program.  Those different options are detailed below.

There is 1 required in-person 50HR (Creative Sequencing Deep Dive). The cost is $800 USD without travel/lodging/food.

The 50HR Inversions module is $800 USD if you attend in-person (before travel/lodging/food).  A brand new on-demand online version of this course with personalized feedback. The cost is $600 USD.

The other virtual modules are pulled from our previous virtual 300HR course. They are pre-recorded, completely on-demand, and work at your own pace. The 5 required modules currently cost $1525 USD if purchase individually, or $1220 if you purchase as a bundle (20% discount) .

After you complete all 7 required modules, we’ll enroll you in the practicum module, but there is no additional fee for that final course. Partial scholarships and payment plans available for individual modules.

We made a chart with the 3 possible course cost options  to better understand price range.

The above prices reflect doing 200-250 hours online and 50HRs in-person. Should you need a personalized alternative to the in-person 50HR Deep Dive into Creative Sequencing, we are happy to discuss a private mentorship opportunity with Erin Kelly, however, the price will be more than advertised.

Up Coming IN-PERSON Modules


Were you part of our previous 300HR modular program AND have completed previously offered modules (in-person OR online)?

Please email [email protected] to discuss your individual situation and which modules will be required to complete your program in the new format!


ALL modules are open to the general public.  You do not need to be a part of the 300HR Hybrid Modular Program to participate. 



Deep Dive into Creative Sequencing – 50HR

In-person | REQUIRED

Let’s get weird…in the best way! The 50HR Creative Sequencing Deep Dive is designed to inspire your class creation for personal practice or teaching. We will explore aspects of logical creativity by examining different movement modalities and even sourcing inspiration from nature and each other. Expect to experiment with a wide array of techniques for building a toolbox of unique transitions and flows. Lectures will consist of breaking down the WHY behind the WAY and practical small group seminars to witness your personal and communal creativity in action. A mix of movement, discussion, and community play, this is one of the most popular modules at Authentic Movements.

Approximately 3-5 hours of bonus pre-work included 

IN-PERSON OR Virtual w/Feedback

Practicing & Teaching. Accessible Inversions – 50HR


This module is required BUT you get to choose how you do it. While we recommend the in-person version, we understand that two travel commitments can be a challenge. If you’re joining us in person, our five days together will be full, but gratifying with daily movement class, applied anatomy lab, practice teaching/sequencing, and afternoon recovery work. While the focus of the training is finding confidence upside down (arm balances, headstand, forearm stand, handstand, pressing), many of the full body activators and alignment drills can be sprinkled throughout your movement practice to help find fluidity in all transitions, on and off the mat.

Approximately 3-5 hours of bonus pre-work included. Online version available.


Virtual On-demand

Students pursuing the Hybrid Modular 300HR (500HR track) Certification must complete 200-250 hours of virtual on-demand training + Practicum. The difference in online hours is due to the YOUR CHOICE module – Accessible Inversions (described above). The other 200HRs are always online and always on-demand. See below for details and registration information about each module.

Movement Science & Strength – 50HR

Virtual On-demand | REQUIRED



Join Team Authentic Movements and special guest lecturers for over 50 hours of content centered around how the human body moves and how we can apply these principles to our movement practices, both on and off the mat. The offerings include a mix of lectures that answer questions like “Does posture and position matter?,” application sessions where we get creative with props to increase strength potential within our own sequencing, and even a deep dive into the science of strength itself. Plus get access to progressive strength and conditioning How To videos to add low-equipment, but highly effective supplements to your yoga practice. Features content from lead Authentic Movements instructors as well as Anthony DiFiglio, Dr. Zac Cupples, Dr. Ben House, and Jenni Rawlings. Includes approximately 15 hours of optional pre-work (above the 50 advertised hours) and counts for CET hours on YogaAlliance.org whether you apply it to the Modular 500HR or not.

Practice & Teaching Deep Dive – 50HR

Virtual On-Demand | REQUIRED



Let’s get moving on the mat and dig into the basics of creative vinyasa sequencing for personal practice and teaching. Join lead Authentic Movements instructors Stevi, Erin, and Bianca for a breakdown on class structure, cueing and communication practices, and Authentic Movements pillars. About 35 hours is movement-based, meaning workshops around complex postures and transitions that aim to showcase unique prop usage and bring accessibility to challenging movements. Explore offerings such as jumping through and back for vinyasas, flipping the grip in backbends, pistol squat play, and signature AM Funky Flows. Class skeletons are included for all workshops, lectures get into the nitty gritty of creativity and creative flow, and application sessions help you cultivate clearer communication practices. Includes guest content from Davina Davidson and approximately 5 hours of optional pre-work (above the 50 advertised hours). This module counts from CET hours on YogaAlliance.org whether you apply it to the Modular 500HR or not.

Philosophy, History of Yoga & ZaZen Practices – 25HR

Virtual On-Demand | REQUIRED



Join Team AM and a few guest teachers to start an applied approach to yoga philosophy and history. For the philosophy portion there are many introspective and restorative practices were we look at a handful of yoga sutra’s and experiment on how we can integrate them into our lives.  We also look at Pantajali’s text, how it was originally applied and how it evolved culturally with time. We spend time with Mr. Kim House studying Zazen Buddhism both modern day and classically. Topping it off we learn some self practices from Sean Imler that help to apply some of these findings into action in our lives.  In the history section, we hope that the very detailed knowledge of Dheepa Sundaram and Sam Vetrano will with bring forth awareness and insight into the origins of yoga and modern day applications while we also address controversial topics. In conjunction with these 25 hours you will also receive approximately 3 bonus hours in both the study of Patanjali’s philosophy and an overview of historical pillars of yoga. 

Creative Restorative & Recovery – 50 HR

Virtual On-Demand | REQUIRED



In this module you will learn a variety of restorative techniques such as: Myo Fascial Release, Restorative SloFlo, Passive stretching, Active stretching, PNF stretching & FRC in restorative. Additionally you will gain tools to plug into your restoratives to make them creative & potentially more impactful such as: Countless Restorative Prop Set Ups, Meditation practices & Pranayama techniques to relax the nervous system. You will be provided with multiple class skeletons so you can build your own unique restorative classes as well as lectures on how to get comfortable finding your authentic movements and unique voice in a recovery fashion. This module Is mostly led by instructor Bianca Scalise with appearances by AM teachers Erin and Stevi.


Business of Yoga – 25 HR

Virtual On-Demand | REQUIRED



Being a yoga instructor can mean wearing many hats. Let Team Authentic Movements and special guest lecturers offer up guidance and practical applications for the business side of yoga. From adding accessibility to complex classes to the debate about donation-based yoga, we’ve got you covered in this thorough mini course. While one vinyasa workshop and pairing restorative are included for exemplary purposes, the vast majority of the content is lecture based. The art of building workshops, nitty gritty of hosting retreats and teacher trainings, and even the world of online teaching and the myriad of avenues you can take are all included. Expect marketing ideas, lots of reflection questions for goal setting, and even a lecture about financial and legal responsibilities of teaching movement. Features content from lead AM instructors as well as Davina Davidson, Sam Vetrano, and Laurel Beversdorf. This module counts from CET hours on YogaAlliance.org whether you apply it to the Modular 500HR or not.

Practicum, Reflection & Application – 10HR

Virtual On-demand| REQUIRED

10HR Practicum & Application – All done with the required online and in-person modules for your hybrid 300HR (500 track)? Once you’ve completed the 175 required hours, it’s time to tackle the practicum module! This module is free of charge, but only available after the prerequisites have been passed with certificates issued. A quick mix of final fun classes, introspective practices, and example practicum brainstorm sessions, this final module will guide you to create and teach a recorded class that gets submitted for personalized video feedback from lead instructors.  Once your final class is approved, Authentic Movements will issue the official 300HR designation certificate to you via email.


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