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Finding Float • Level 1

What’s Included

Classes are organized by inversion type (arm balance, headstand, forearm stand, handstand wall, handstand free standing), and can be done in the provided sequence or any order of your choosing.

1. Core Foundations: Learn the basics of tuning in and integrating core activity into the entirety of your practice. Solidify your foundation, while exploring essential warm ups and alignment cues. Practice your new skills in the workshop section with crow pose or Bakasana.

2. Headstand: Often thought of as the more basic inversion, headstand is very complex, but also very rewarding. Explore the full body activation and spinal length necessary to balance upside down, and learn the intricacies of supported and tripod headstand alignment during the workshop section

3. Forearm Stand: Open the shoulders and fire up the legs through a fun and funky flow that will get you standing on your forearms in no time! Experiment with different arm positioning and strength building drills that will help you find your float in the workshop section.

4. Handstand Wall & Prop: Explore the importance of prop usage for inversions. Learn to take away a great deal of guesswork with “no jump” handstand tutorials, and a variety of prep poses to help you gain confidence on your hands.

5. Freestanding Handstand: Start building confidence to practice handstand in the middle of the room with a variety of activated and controlled freestanding drills. Explore full body activation even further, and learn to PLUG IN to float up.


Interested in beginning an inversion journey, but not quite sure where to start? Our Finding Float Package focuses on teaching you the basics of headstand, forearm stand, and handstand through essential warm ups and strengtheners, a fun flow section where you can practice integrative movements, and a workshop portion where we take the time to break down specific drills to get you upside down!

With over 5 hours of content, Finding Float will help you build the confidence and body awareness to start exploring the world from a new perspective. This package is ideal for those looking to just start their inversion journey!

Spread Your Wings & Soar • Level 2


Inversions are a never-ending field of study. Once we begin to find our initial balance upside down, new opportunities open up in front of us, such as exploring complex but rewarding transitions, experimenting with a variety of leg positioning, and starting to integrate pressing drills into our daily practice.

Spread Your Wings & Soar is a natural progression package from Finding Float that highlights on such topics as: deep belly activation, headstand transitioning, hollowback forearm stand, and learning to press to handstand. Classes are organized by inversion type and can be done in the presented sequence or any order of your choosing.

Erin & Steph provide over 5 hours of content that includes detailed warm-ups, helpful sequences to practice new skills, intricate workshop sections to progress your practice, and of course, related cool down and restorative work.

To make the most of the provided drills and sequences, it is suggested that you are comfortable in supported/tripod headstand and forearm stand, with at least some personal exploration into handstand, even if balance has not been found quite yet!

This package is ideal for those with a regular Yoga practice and some knowledge of inversions.

What’s Included

1. Advanced Core: Tap into your inner core to find the power to float with ease. Explore the use of deep belly or transverse abdominus work in a variety of postures, culminating with Lolasana or pendant pose breakdowns during the workshop section.

2. Exploring Headstand: Practice lengthening through the crown of the head for neck stabilization and the ability to add in headstand transitions. Play with moving between arm variations and rising up into crow pose.

3. Advanced Pincha Play: Integrate spinal flexion and extension into your forearm stand work. Learn about the importance of wrapping toward the midline as we play with the torso in space. Explore hollowback positioning, lowers to arm balances, and funky hand set ups during the workshop section.

4. Work the Negative: Start preparing for lifting up by lowering down. Learn the importance of active legs and hip flexors in handstand lowers, as well as spinal positioning and pelvic tilt. Workshop breakdown includes lowering to crow and touching on toe taps.

5. SOAR: Experiment with everything Handstand Pressing. Learn about lifting up, slicing out, and the importance of stacking hips high over the shoulders. Take home countless drills and cues to help you integrate press work into your everyday practice.

Art of Balance • Level 1

An Introduction to Arm Balances

What’s Included

Have you every wanted to explore the world of arm balances? Art of Balance – Level 1 helps you break down some of the more popular hand balancing postures and discover new ways to incorporate both them and their preliminary steps into your regular practice.

End each class with a demonstration based workshop section where they break down the steps and alignment cues needed to find your way into Flying Crow, Elephant’s Trunk, Eight Angle, Side Crow, Chinstand, and More. Of course, you’ll be guided through a neutralizing and counter pose-based cool down, and offered a refreshing savasana to help you reset and download.

1. Intro to Flying Crow: Learn to tap into your inner strength as you explore the intricacies of single leg Crow (Eka Pada Bakasana). Build confidence and steadiness of the body while stabilizing and strengthening the wrists and forearms.

2. Intro to Side Crow & EPK A: Wring yourself out with a tasty, twisty flow to get the spine supple for Side Crow or Parsva Bakasana. Explore multiple entries and how props can assist you on your journey into flight.

3. Intro to Chinstand: Harness the power of props to guide you safely through one of the more complex arm balances. Build strength and stability in the shoulder girdle and core so you can float light as a feather on the chin.

4. Intro to Eight Angle:Cultivate an understanding of the importance of strong legs in arm balances. Practice hugging in toward the midline and summoning the deep belly fire to find float on the hands.


Classes are organized by arm balance or arm balance pairs, and are ideal for those with some yoga experience, however, no arm balance experience is necessary. Over four hours of content that you can come back to time and time again or even use as a reference tool when introducing students to arm balances.

Art of Balance • Level 2

Exploring Arm Balance Transitions


Embrace the space between postures as you learn to cultivate grace and fluidity of movement through careful control and awareness of the entire body. Art of Balance Level 2 takes some of the more popular arm balances, and begins to string them together, utilizing breath and intricate small movements to achieve eloquence and confidence on the mat.

Explore transitions and sequencing for Side Crow, Flying Crow, the Koundinyasana series, Chinstand, Eight Angle, and MORE as you learn to cultivate the deep belly strength and innate body knowledge needed to float between postures.

This package is ideal for those with a regular yoga practice and some knowledge of arm balances. To make the most of the provided drills and sequences, it is suggested that you are comfortable in or have lightly explored at least some of the arm balances listed.

Each class is arranged more like a mini workshop, organized by arm balance and including a warm up, creative flow to introduce new drills, discussion based breakdown of each transition with prop usage, and a thorough cool down.

What’s Included

1. Flying Crow TransitionsTap into deep belly strength as you stabilize and strengthen your Flying Crow, allowing you to move with grace and confidence toward headstand or Eka Pada Koundinyasa B. Expect strong arm work and deep hollowing of the front body to turn on the inner abdominals.

2. Side Crow Transitions Practice deep twists and arm strengthening techniques to help you flow from Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow) through the Koundinyasana series. Explore how spinal movement and core integration take your body awareness to a new level.

3. Chinstand Transitions Integrate some spinal extension into your arm balance practice as you explore Chinstand transitions up and down from the Koundinyasana series. Practice the arm, shoulder, and core strength necessary to flow between expanded and hollow body spinal positioning.

4. Eight Angle Transitions:Channel your inner strength and grace as you introduce movements from Eight Angle to Eka Pada Koundinyasa B, Chaturanga, and more. Harness the power of props to help you find lift and space to glide “effortlessly” through a variety of positions.