500HR Advanced Teacher Trainings

Intensive vs Module Format - How to Decide

Authentic Movements offers two distinct formats for our Advanced Teacher Trainings. 

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500HR Intensive-Based Training

26-30 days or two, 13-15 day modules

500HR Module-Based Training

Customized from 25-50HR Modules

Comparing the 500HR Intensive & 500HR Module Programs







Is it free to apply?




26-30 days or two, 13-15 day mini intensives (must do both consecutively.

Made up of 25HR (3 day) and 50HR (5 day) modules, so minimum of 25 days together.

Time limit?

All pre-work must be completed by assigned due date, and all internal work must be completed by the end of the intensive.

None. You can take as long as you like with this program, including online work and homework.

Pre-work assigned?

Yes. Reading, sequencing, anatomy review study guide, online practice, and journaling activities due approx. 1 month prior to training start.

No, however it is recommended that in order to make the most of our time together at modules, you first purchase and complete the Online Package.

Do I need to buy the Advanced Teacher Training Online Package?

No. Any pre-work (outside of books to buy) is included in the cost.

Yes. You are required to purchase and complete the online package for this training before receiving your certificate.

Are there scholarships?

Yes. We offer partial scholarships for all intensive trainings.

Not at this time, but limited work-study opportunities are available.

Are meals & lodging included?

It depends on the venue. This is reflected in the prices.

It depends on the venue. This is reflected in the prices.

How many lead teachers are there?

There are 3 lead teachers at the Intensive Trainings.

There are 2-3 lead teachers at the module trainings.

Are there guest teachers?

Yes. There are typically 2-3 guest teachers for intensives.

It depends on the modules and topics.

How many attendees are there?

It depends on the venue. Larger groups will have additional qualified assistants to assure personal attention.

It depends on the venue. Larger groups will have additional qualified assistants to assure personal attention.

Is there homework?

Outside of pre-work (due before the training), there is light nightly homework and/or homework between dates (for dual module intensives)

There will be light nightly homework and/or application exercises to help cement concepts. In addition, there are journaling activities, case studies, and reflections to complete before receiving your certificate.

What are the topics covered?

Training Focus Points: Personal Practice Development, Alignment Details, Safe Progression to Enter and Teach Inversions, Applied Anatomy, Art of Sequencing, Props and Modifications, Hands on Assists.

Additional Topics: Introspective Practices (Journaling/Mantra/Pranayama/Mandala), Yoga Philosophy and Asana Myths, Myofascial & Meridian Work, Yoga for Injuries, Yoga for Athletes, Workshops/Retreat/Training/Festival Development, Integration of Other Movement Modalities, Business Development & Social Media Workshop


That will vary depending on which modules you select to complete your 250+ hours of in-person training. All modules will to some degree contain: alignment, biomechanics, sequencing analysis, practice teaching, and hands on work.


In addition, since you will be completing the online work and homework, there will also be history of yoga discussion, meridian work, teaching yoga, and business ethics assignments.

Can I attend without a 200HR?

We typically ask that our attendees first receive a 200HR (from any school). Once in a while, we do accept movement teachers in other fields, however, they will only be able to register as a 300HR, not a 500HR teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Absolutely! Anyone can attend modules, regardless of whether they are in the training or not, although we recommend at least 2 years of regular practice and some experience teaching (for practice teaching purposes)

Will there be practice teaching?

Yes. Expect copious amounts of practice teaching to quickly ingrain the myriad of topics covered. These will be small group, partner, and large group opportunities.

Yes. There will be small group and partner teaching practice to help ingrain topics covered. These will be short and sweet, but effectively sprinkled in throughout the days together.

Is there a practicum?

Yes. You will have a multi-portion practicum including a written test, teaching evaluations, plus a variety of assignments to turn in over the course of the training. Expect to teach at least 1 full class or half a workshop in front of the group.

Yes. After each module, expect a short online test to make sure you’ve taken in the information. In addition, there are case studies to turn in, and a full length workshop to record and send for your final certificate.

Who might this be best for?

This may be best for those who prefer all of their information at once and/or those who prefer a highly efficient and organized gradient of information. There is something to be said about being able to build upon each day for the entirety of a month, surrounded by the same people. While this training typically costs more upfront, in total, and especially when calculating travel fees, it is more affordable than the module options.

The module system is best for those who wish to personalize their 500HR based on their passions or needs. It is also best for those who – based on finances or availability – need to spread their training over a longer period of time. Those who prefer a digestion period after a chunk of information may also prefer this module. system Finally, this is a great way for those who already HAVE a 500HR to continue their education in the way they best see fit.

Who might Not be the ideal candidate for this?

This may not be the training for people who prefer learning complex concepts over an expanded period of time and/or those who do not have availability to take off 30+ days to travel.

This may not be the training for those who prefer ordered information all at once, or who would prefer to attend with the same group over the full course of their 250+ in-person hours.

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