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Practice.AuthenticMovements is an affordable and accessible online platform for students, teachers, and anyone in the movement world looking for quality instruction from passionate content creators.

For a low monthly fee (that is locked in upon signing up*), you have access to dozens of flows, workshops, meditations, workouts, and even bundle packages to help you safely and playfully find progress on the mat.

Expect new monthly content from core creators – Steph Gongora (@casa_colibri), Erin Kelly (@erinkellyart), Bianca Scalise (, and Anthony Difiglio (@anthonydifiglio).

PLUS guest instructor offerings and new continued education packages added quarterly with input from YOU to make sure we are providing exactly what you are looking for!

Easily sort & search classes by instructor, length, type, level, or even targeted body area, and make a playlist of your favorites to come back to anytime. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more details!

*Sign up rate is locked in only as long as the automatic monthly payment is valid and processed. If you cancel your automatic payment or your payment cannot be collected for any reason, and you wish to sign up again, you will locked in at the new rate as advertised whenever you sign up again. Thank you for understanding!*

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What is included in the Practice.AuthenticMovements Subscription Program?

For a low monthly rate that is locked in at sign up, you receive access to all of the classes, workshops, funky flows, mediations, and workouts on Practice.AuthenticMovements. This includes both stand alone classes and new bundle programs! Every month, core creators add new content (the old content stays), and quarterly, additional bundles and guest content will launch. We all get to grow together, and you can even vote on and request the next round of classes to help us customize our offerings.

What is NOT included in the Practice.AuthenticMovements Subscription Program?

Authentic Movements has additional, separate offerings that are not included in the monthly low rate, but are available for outside purchase. These include older packages such as Finding Float & Spread Your Wings and Soar, as well as teacher training content, including but not limited to the online 15/25/200HR courses.

Are there stand alone classes or bundles?

There are both stand alone classes and bundles included in Practice.AuthenticMovements. New stand alone content is added monthly by core creators, and new bundles are added quarterly. Make sure to VOTE for the next round of classes or bundles to make sure we provide what you’re looking for!

What kind of movement classes are included?

The Team at AM makes an effort to provide many types of classes, with more coming (and your feedback welcome). Currently, there are funky flows, workshops, meditations, workouts, restorative classes, and MORE.

What level of movement is focused on?

All levels of movement are targeted in the our online platform, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can sort offerings by level to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Is this a useful platform for teachers?

Yes! Practice.AuthenticMovements provides fun and funky flow classes to help inspire creativity on the mat, as well as calculated and efficient workshops that can be assist practitioners and teachers alike.

Will Practice.AuthenticMovements make me a teacher?

While this platform can be an invaluable toolbox for students and teachers alike, it is not designed to teach you how to teach. Please sign up for our mailing list if you’re interested in being the first to know when our online 200HR launches (Fall 2020!). You can also check out our Teacher Training Options!

Will there be handstands?

Of course! We love handstands. But there are also lots of classes without handstands ♥️ !



How much does it cost?

Practice.AuthenticMovements is a monthly subscription program with an automatic payment. You pay a low monthly or yearly rate (whatever is the advertised rate upon sign up). You are locked in for that rate as long as you continue your subscription with us. So even as the platform grows and the advertised price increases to reflect the greater offerings, you are locked in at your initial rate! Click HERE to see the product page and find out about how much Practice.AuthenticMovements will cost you today.

How can I pay for this subscription?

You have the option to attach a credit card to your specific account. PayPal + Apple Pay coming soon! Whatever you pick for your method of payment, it will be automatically charged each month.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged at the end of your free trial. From the first charge, you will be charged monthly or yearly (depending on which you select), although the exact date may vary by a day or two if your auto charge falls on a weekend or holiday.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking HERE and filling out our cancellation form in the MY ACCOUNT – MY SUBSCRIPTION tab. Please make sure you cancel before you are auto-charged, as we cannot refund charges from previous months/years even if you were not using the program. Than you for understanding.

What happens to my rate if I cancel now and want to restart later?

You are locked in at the monthly/yearly rate that is advertised upon sign up. That rate is only valid, however, as long as you continue to provide the monthly/yearly subscription fee. If you cancel or your payment system does not go through and you fail to update the payment method when prompted, you will need sign up at the newly advertised rate. We are sorry, but we cannot pause your subscription for period of time and then restart at the old rate.

Can I pay for my subscription with positive vibes?

Positive Vibes are always welcome, however, in order to access the subscription program, we require payment via credit card or PayPal. Need a discount or scholarship? Please email [email protected] to discuss ♥️.



How do I change my password?

If you need to reset your password, click HERE!

I can't find my password!!!!

Did you just purchase a subscription? Then your password is automatically generated and emailed to you. Use the temp password to login and access the MY ACCOUNT tab, where you can change your password to anything that you would like. 

I can't see the videos!!!

Once you’ve created an account, make sure to view the videos under the LIBRARY tab, not the my account tab. If you try to play them from the my account file, it is just the audio track. <3

Can I download the videos?

At this time, you cannot download the videos to watch offline. Authentic Movements is currently developing an application for our subscription program that will allow you to hold downloaded videos within the app for online viewing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I watch the videos on any device?

Yes. You can watch the videos on apple and android products, as well as desktop computers and smart TVs.

Are the videos close captioned?

The current offerings are not close captioned, however, we are hoping to add that option soon. Thank you for your patience.

How can I reach technical support?

If you’re having any difficulty with your account, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I save videos to favorites for later?

While you cannot currently watch videos offline, you can save videos to a playlist for easy access later. Make a favorites list to come back to anytime without searching through all the content on the site.

What if I don't have a subscription, but I want to watch the videos?

If you’re not currently part of our subscription program but are interested in joining, click HERE to check out the product page. We are sorry, but only members of the subscription program can access the classes.

Where can I find the Terms of Use?

You can find our terms of use by clicking HERE

Where can I find the Privacy Policy?

You can find our privacy policy by clicking HERE.

Where can I find the Cookie Policy?

You can find our cookie policy by clicking HERE.

Where can I find the disclaimer?

You can find our full disclaimer by clicking HERE.



How often will new content be added?

Core Creators will add two additional offerings each month (8 total new offerings), and quarterly packages + guest packages will also be added. Some months, additional classes may be added as well because WHY NOT ♥️

Who will add new content?

Core Creators – Steph Gongora, Erin Kelly, Bianca Scalise, and Anthony Difiglio will add new content every month. Guest creators will be added quarterly.

Can I request certain content?

Yes! You can VOTE for our next round of content. Plus, we love hearing from you. Email [email protected] with further suggestions and feedback.

Will guest content be featured?

Yes! We will be adding guest content quarterly in a variety of movement, meditation, and wellness fields. 

How do I get MY content on Practice.AuthenticMovements?

Are you interested in getting some of your offerings on Practice.AuthenticMovements? Feel free to email [email protected] to discuss ♥️.

Will #TaoTaoPowPow be offering baby yoga classes?

Not at this time, but we are always open to suggestions!