25HR Required Online Package for 500HR Module-Based Teacher Trining

To be completed along with at least 250 hours of in-person modules + related homework and case studies
This 25HR online package is a mandatory part of the Authentic Movements 500HR Module-Based Teacher Training.


It both prepares you for the various in-person modules offered as well as ensures that all attendees, no matter which modules are selected, receive a thorough education in a myriad of yoga topics. The content is broken up as follows:


  • 3HRs – Philosophy
  • 10HRs – Applied Anatomy
  • 5HRs – Movement Workshops + Sequencing Discussions
  • 4HRs – Business of Yoga
  • 3HRs – Journaling, Quizzes, Short Answer Questions


While this package was designed for those already accepted into the Authentic Movements 500HR Module-Based Teacher Training program, it is open and available for purchase and completion by anyone interested. If you’re not part of the program and are only interested in the Anatomy/Movement Workshops portion as a pre-work refresher before an in-person module, or just to dive deeper in your own self-study, you can click HERE to be directed to the separate package that only includes the aforementioned 15 hours.


Those who purchase this full package will have unlimited use of the videos. Simply login whenever you have wifi or data to access your account and stream the content. Each section has its own associated manual pages for additional information and note-taking so that even after you complete the course, you have reference material to return to as needed.


In order to highly encourage our attendees to come as prepared as possible from their first module onward, IF you finish the package in its entirety and turn in satisfactory work BEFORE attending your first module with us, you will receive a $150 USD credit to be used toward any future module hosted at Flō Retreat Center(where the bulk of our modules are hosted). This credit essentially brings the cost of the online package down to $50 should you complete it before attending in-person sessions with us.


Not sure if this package is right for you? Email us – [email protected]

Cost = $200* USD for lifetime access


*See above for how you can receive a $150 credit to be used at an in-person module, therefore lowering the overall cost of the package/training. 

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