500HR Advanced Teacher Trainings - MODULE-BASED

Expand your toolbox with a deeper understanding of applied anatomy, logical creativity, and sophisticated sequencing.

The 500HR Module-Based Authentic Movements Advanced Teacher Training is designed in a way that allows you to customize both your study and application of high-level anatomy, alignment, and sequencing, helping you find the tools within to expand and evolve your teaching.

Over the course of the training, and regardless of which modules are chosen, attendees will delve deeper into applied anatomy, the art of sequencing, and utilizing logical creativity in an effort to efficiently and effectively serve a wide audience. It is the perfect opportunity for teachers and dedicated practitioners to hone their manual assists, develop their practice and teaching of inversions and other advanced asana, as well as further cultivate their personal creative language and understanding of true authentic movements.

Authentic Movements is all about personalizing your practice and teaching, so why not personalize your training as well? Our modular based 500HR system allows teachers to select from a variety of offerings to cater to their passions and audiences, while still covering all the necessary material to teach safe, effective, and enjoyable movement classes. Coupled with the required online package and case studies, this modular system provides you with the opportunity to learn at your pace and availability, spreading the training over as many years as you see fit, and also continuing the education process as desired.

A balance between flow and form, Authentic Movements asks us to first learn the nitty gritty details so that we can then break free and mold them to our own needs or the needs of our students. Training days will be packed with complex, but efficient and effective practices, sequencing breakdowns to analyze the morning flow, hands on lectures, and restorative or cross-training work to keep the body supple and strong.

When combined with a previous 200HR registration (from any registered school), these completed 300+ hours allow teachers to register as an 500RYT. All modules are taught by at least 2 Authentic Movements Lead Teachers, and at times, additional contributors. Yoga Alliance Registration in Process.

Note: The above description is for the Authentic Movements Module trainings that are done in one 3-5 day modules. If you are looking for the all-in-one intensive-based 500HR, please click HERE.

Looking for the intensive-based 500HR?

We understand that sometimes you just want things all at once, in the specific and efficient order created by the Authentic Movements Team. Our block intensive (26-30 days) or dual module (two, 13-15 day intensives) offer a carefully crafted and organized 500HR training to get you the information faster so that you can start using it sooner!

500 Intensive-Based

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Anyone can attend and utilize the Continued Education Modules that make up the 500HR Module-Based Teacher Training. You do not have to be part of the program OR have a 200HR certificate to join us and learn.

However, those looking to become 500HR Authentic Movements Advanced Teachers should FIRST apply online & wait for the acceptance email before submitting your initial payment for any 500HR module training.

The good news is that it’s free to apply and once you do, you never have to do it again! Your acceptance is valid for all future modules. Please note that we cannot retroactively add module credits if you later decide to apply! Hence, it’s better just to apply now, if applicable!

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Program Overview


The Authentic Movements 500HR Module-Based Advanced Teacher Training is a bit unique in that is fully customizable and all modules are open to ANYONE, although we do recommend at least 1-2 years of regular, solid practice.

That’s right. You don’t have to be part of the program itself or have an approved application to attend a module. Perhaps you’re just a new teacher wanting to add on a specific anatomy module. Or just a home practitioner interested in taking the inversion module to progress your practice.

We welcome anyone and everyone, but we cannot retro-actively assign module credits if you later decide to enter the program. Which means that if you’re eligible for the 500HR program (meaning you already have a 200HR certificate from a registered school), we recommend you apply and wait for your acceptance letter before submitting payment to a module.  There is no cost for application, and no time limit to complete the training, so once accepted, you can pick and choose modules based on location, time, or topic.

The schedule for each module varies, but days will be packed with movement practice, lecture, hands on work, and practice teaching. While students are not required to practice advanced asana such as arm balances and inversions to attend any module, they can expect to leave with a more complete understanding of strength building progressions and how to incorporate unique and complex movements into an efficient yoga flow.

Not sure if you’re the right fit? Email us! [email protected]


In order to receive a 500HR certificate from Authentic Movements, teachers must complete the following requirements:

  • Already have a 200HR yoga teacher training certificate from a registered school (even if you personally have not registered with Yoga Alliance)
  • 250 hours or more of IN-PERSON training hours with Authentic Movements Lead Teachers & Contributors**
  • 20 hours of practice & study associated with the AM Advanced Teacher Training Online Package
  • 30 hours of journaling, practicum, and case study homework

The required 250HRs of IN-PERSON study will be made up of a combination of hours accumulated from our offered 500HR Modules, which occur in 25HR (3 day) or 50HR (5 day) offerings. In addition, you must complete the mandatory 20HR online course – Authentic Movements Advanced Teacher Training Package. If you do any other online courses and/or attend other in-person offerings (such as weekend workshops), they can be counted as continued education on Yoga Alliance, however, they cannot be added to the 500HR training hours.

We ask and expect a lot from our Authentic Movement Advanced Teacher Trainees, but it is all in an effort to provide high level services with the most impact on the teachers and their communities. Thank you for understanding, and please make sure you fill out and SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION online.



Click the link to be re-routed to our online application for the module-based 500HR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I attend these modules if I’m not already accepted into the 500HR program?


Yes! Anyone is invited to attend these modules since we recognize that many people are seeking continued education. That means that you do Not have to be a registered Yoga Teacher to take advantage of a module that sounds interesting to you. However, please do recognize that these modules are created for those who want to deep dive into a variety of topics and may not be ideal for the new practitioner. 1-2 years of solid, regular yoga practice is recommended before attending, as well as a rudimentary knowledge of yoga postures, sequencing, and body mechanics.


  1. What if I just want some continued education, and I’m not interested in a 500HR?


That’s totally fine!  We understand. But if you ARE already a certified 200HR teacher from a registered school (even if you are not personally registered with Yoga Alliance), we suggest that you apply before attending a module, as we cannot retroactively add in credits. Even if you never complete the 500HR program, you are still earning credits in case you change your mind.


  1. Does it cost anything to apply?


It costs $0 to apply for this training.


  1. Do I have to apply for every module?


No. Once you apply and have received your acceptance email, you will be added into our system. You no longer need to apply before putting in deposits for all future modules.


  1. I’m confused. Why is it called a 500HR training if it’s only 300HRs?


In order to register on Yoga Alliance as a 500HR RYT, you need to complete a 200HR base training through a registered school and then another 300HR advanced training which totals the 500HRs. However, there are also 300HR base trainings, so in order to avoid confusion, Authentic Movements is terming this a 500HR training with the understanding that we can only start applying credits to your account AFTER you’ve received a 200HR (from any registered school) and have an accepted application. We require at least 270 hours of training time + 30 hours of journaling, reading, & case study homework. Of the 270 hours, 20 are accumulated via the Authentic Movements Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, and at least 250 must be from in-person modules.


  1. Can I do the online work – Authentic Movements Advanced Teacher Training Package – without being accepted into the program?


Absolutely! Just like you can attend modules without being part of the program, you can also purchase the online package. It’s actually a great tool for those wishing to delve deeper after their 200HR, or those simply wishing to come to a greater understanding of anatomy, sequencing, and alignment. Again, please note that we cannot retroactively add credits to your account, so if you purchase and complete this course before applying and being accepted, we will not be able to retroactively add it.


  1. Can any of your other online packages take the place of modules or the Authentic Movements Advanced Teacher Training Package?


Sadly, we cannot accept 500HR module credits for any of the other online classes, workshops, and bundles on www.AuthenticMovements.com. Since all teachers are YACEP, you can utilize the hours spent as continued education on Yoga Alliance, but they are ineligible for the 500HR program.



  1. Is it best to do the online package at the beginning, during the middle, or at the end of my training?


We suggest doing the online package before your first module. It will help you review and delve deeper into anatomy, get used to our sequencing strategies, and make the most of our time together. That being said, we completely understand if you first want to “test drive” a module or two before investing in the online package. It is your choice, but just like the journaling & case study homework, it needs to be done by the time you submit all of your work for review and certification.


  1. Is it best to do the journaling & case study homework at the beginning, during the middle, or at the end of my training?


We suggest that you start the books & journaling right away so that the information is fresh. Since you need to do a case study after each module, you won’t be able to do them all immediately, but again, in order to keep it fresh, we recommend that you try to at least outline one shortly after each module.


  1. Can I choose whatever modules I want to complete my training or do I have to do a certain number from each category?


Authentic Movements has structured the module-based 500HR training in a way that allows each module to have time spent moving sequencing, reflecting, and practice teaching. Because of this, and with the combination of the homework and online package, we are confident that you can completely choose whatever modules fit your lifestyle and liking and still walk away with an exceptional education in the movement field.


  1. Is there a time limit to complete this training?


There is no time limit to complete this training. Choose your modules based on availability, finances, topics, or however you choose.