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This course is offically closed to new students.  It will go offline for all students June 30th 2023.  If you are interested in joining the course after June 30th 2022, please email us at [email protected]

Steph Góngora


Erin Kelly


Bianca Scalisé

Anthony Difiglio


Looking for a way to take your practice & teaching to the next level? Prefer rigorous and rewarding trainings to events that feel more like retreats and leave you wondering if you learned anything new? Interested in joining a community of dedicated, passionate movement makers who are constantly striving for growth on and off the mat?

We get it!


Advanced (500Hr Track)


This flexibly formatted 300HR training allows you to work at your own tempo throughout the training and self-schedule All feedback with instructors.










This training has been moved and molded from our in-person advanced trainings. Additional content has been added and curriculum formatted for on-demand work and personalized feedback. The 300HR advanced training is overall the most in-depth training currently offered by the Authentic Movements team and is the perfect setting for those wishing to continue and expand upon their yoga journey, both from a teaching standpoint and a personal practice perspective.
It is meant for those who already have a base 200HR from any school, Yoga Alliance Registered or not, and who want to continue the educational path to become 500HR teachers.


Authentic Movements is a 200/300 Registered School

Yoga Alliance ( is an optional registration system for teachers and schools that aims to uphold certain standards within the yoga community. Authentic Movements is a highly rated Yoga Alliance Registered school at the 200HR (base) & 300HR (advanced) level. Click HERE to check out our school page and read reviews. All previous Authentic Movements trainings (200&300) have been Yoga Alliance Registered.

In the past, Yoga Alliance did not allow 100% online trainings. Due to COVID-19, they have CURRENTLY  extended the online allowance through 2023. If you complete the training by December 2023 it QUALIFIES FOR YOGA ALLIANCE REGISTRATION. If you currently have a 200HR from a registered school, and you complete this training + earn out certificate, you will have the optional opportunity to register as a 500HR instructor with Yoga Alliance.  

Don’t care about Yoga Alliance? That’s perfectly fine. We ask attendees to consider WHY they are pursuing continued education in the first place (for the content or letters after your name), and also to explore the myriad of mixed reviews concerning Yoga Alliance and their follow through and accountability on content and other matters. In a world saturated with quick start YTTs and weekend crash courses, Authentic Movements prides itself on over-delivering thorough, organized, and digestible content that you can put into use for personal practice and teaching. 



Rolling Admission – Start Any Time

Those who register for the after July 1st 2021 will have access to the course for 1-year from their registration date.  There will be 3-month extensions available for an additional fee starting in June 2022.

This course is pre-recorded, on-demand, and work-at- your-own -pace BUT it is still 300hrs + of rigorous content. It will likely take a dedicated student at least 3 months to complete.


Yoga Alliance has a temporary allowance in place for 100% online yoga teacher trainings

If you want to register your Authentic Movements certificate with Yoga Alliance you must complete your course work, including practicum by December 2023.

It is possible that Yoga Alliance will extend their allowance. We will share any updates as they become available.



Full Access – Certificate
$1800 USD


AM200 ALUMS (in-person or Virtual)
$1000 USD

AUDIT-ONLY (YA CET eligible)
$850 USD



Course Access Extensions
$250 USD

Starting June, 1st 2022 we will offer 3-month extensions for those who require additional time to complete their course. Extensions will be available until Dec 2022. We may continue to offer extensions in 2023.

All payments are non-refundable/non-transferable. See below for the full cancellation policy.  Lock in your low rate now before slots fill and/or the price increases.



With this on-demand version of our Virtual 300hr YTT, Authentic Movements hopes to make our jam-packed advanced program accessible to a wider range of people. ALL of the course content is pre-recorded, and 100% on-demand.  All required feedback check-ins are student scheduled and the final practicum will be in the form of a pre-recorded class that is submitted for final feedback.

Students receive personalized feedback & written on pre-recorded homework assignments through out the course. This flexible and uniquely dynamic program has been design to help you succeed on your deep dive into creative sequencing, biomechanics, manual assists, and more. The course content is thoughtfully organized, and seamlessly delivered though the professional learning management system, LearnDash.

In addition, all students will have access to weekly, Bonus Live Classes, Q&A sessions and Community Shares.  For those that cannot make it live, these offerings are recorded and made available on the TEACH platform.

Keep scrolling for more details or email us at [email protected].

Course Components

35HR Pre-work (included)
Mandatory program for all Non-AM Alumni. IDEALLY TO be completed before beginning 300hr course


18 Units+Practicum
Units rotate between Loaded, Light & Mini. See below for details.


Personalized Video & Written Feedback


 COURSE Workload

All course content is pre-recorded and organized into 18 Units.  Students must complete a unit before they progress to the next.  There is a suggested order of content within each unit but students may mix things up as their lives dictate.

Spread it out as desired, but all course content must completed and the final practicum submitted by your personal course deadline. (December 2022 for 1st Cohort, or 1 year from start date for rolling admission students who started after July 1st 2021.)

To be eligible for an Authentic Movements Certificate, which can then be registered with Yoga Alliance (if desired and applicable) you must complete by December 2023.

The course units will rotate between light, loaded and mini.

 Light Unit

2x Vinyasa Flow + Introspection
2x lecture
2x Restorative
Low Prop S&C Circuit


Loaded UNit
3x Vinyasa Flow + Introspection
3x lecture
3x Restorative
Low Prop S&C Circuit


2x Vinyasa Flow + Introspection


Practicum + Certificate

This is a training, not a retreat. While we are not requiring an application process, we trust that all those who purchase entrance will first consider if they meet the requirements:

  • Regular practice for at least 1 year
  • 200HR base training (registered or not) from any school
  • an interest in inversions (no need to be able to do them)

Certificates are earned, not bought, and Authentic Movements has no responsibility to present certificates to those who do not complete the program, all homework, and showcase an understanding of the skills taught through the final practicum.

Practicum consists of a 60-90 minute workshop taught to at least one other person. This class is pre-recorded and submitted to instructors for final feedback and any needed changes. 

Community Connection

Participants are welcome and encouraged to connect with each other on our Virtual Facebook Page and/or the forum on the website portal. We recognize that not everyone uses Facebook, so while entrance to the group is encouraged, you can also find partners to activities and connect with others utilizing the website platform itself. Partner activities are never required, but are highly encouraged throughout the 12 month adventure. Upon completion, participants will be granted access to the alumni groups and mailing list for additional opportunities and alumni-only events. 



We welcome those currently teaching, interested in teaching, and practitioners simply looking to deepen their personal movement practice. Due to the intense physical demands, at least one year of yoga or a similar movement modality is recommended. While students are not required to practice advanced asana such as arm balances and inversions to attend this training, they can expect to leave with a more complete understanding of strength building progressions and how to incorporate unique and complex movements into an efficient yoga flow. We firmly encourage attendees to respect their physical limitations during these long two months together, but do require that all hours are attended, even if there is not physical participation.

Those who complete the program in its entirety and meet all requirements will receive a certificate from AM that dictates a 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. If attendees previously held a 200HR Certificate from any school (registered or un-registered), they can consider themselves a 500HR teacher. Not sure if you’re the right fit? Email us! [email protected]


This course is open to anyone who has already taken a 200HR program from any school.

It does not matter if your 200HR school is Yoga Alliance Registered.

If you do not meet these requirements, but still want to be considered for the course, please email us at [email protected] BEFORE purchasing.

Partial Scholarships and payment plans

While Authentic Movements tries to keep prices affordable for all interested parties, we also offer need and diversity-based scholarships.

If a scholarship or payment plan would open up this opportunity to you, and you’re interested in learning more, please fill out our attached form with as much detail as possible.

What to Expect

Training Pillars & Further Details

Taught in Steph, Erin, and Bianca’s signature style, the Authentic Movements 300HR training will offer a safe community space to explore personal and professional growth, both on and off the mat. Expect high-level alignment breakdowns on hundreds of postures and intense focus on the transitions and space between asanas in order to cultivate a graceful strength for a fluid flow. This is much less about RIGHT vs WRONG, and much more about understanding the WHY behind the WAY.

A balance between flow and form, Authentic Movements asks us to first learn the nitty gritty details so that we can then break free and mold them to our own needs or the needs of our students.Training offerings will be packed with complex, but efficient and effective practices, sequencing breakdowns to analyze the creative vinyasa flow, demonstrative lectures to apply the information, and restorative or cross-training work to keep the body supple and strong. Our Strength and Conditioning coach will be providing low prop strength and conditioning circuits that vary by week to encourage stability, postural awareness, and bringing the weight room onto the yoga mat in creative ways for a more well-rounded practice. He may be available for limited, heavily discounted sessions and breath-work practices if individuals are looking to take their S&C work even further.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your personal practice or further expand your teaching toolbox, this training will give you a chance to develop and hone your personal creative language on the yoga mat.




Explorations in Logical Creativity:

Sequencing is an art that can take so many forms on the mat. Attendees of the Authentic Movements Advanced 300HR Training will delve into creatively and effectively sequencing in a variety of methods and for a variety of purposes. Learn to build and teach highly intricate sequences that help students better prepare for peak postures, open up specific areas of the body, add more stability or mobility to their practice, and MORE. The focus at AM is never on the right or wrong way of doing things, but instead on the most efficient and effective method for a particular situation. Prepare to get a little weird, push the boundaries of modern yoga by incorporating outside modalities, do some self exploratory work to craft creative transitions, and then learn to cue the complex movements through pose mimics and modifications that make even the most challenging postures more accessible. 

In-depth Inversion Immersions:

In case it isn’t obvious, we love to get upside down. And so do lots of people including you or your students. Inversions can bring a great deal of joy to your practice, but also a lot of frustration if there isn’t a well-outlined path or immersive toolbox you can draw from. This two month-long intensive will dive deep into the playful art-form that is life upside down including many arm balances, headstands and variations, forearm stands and variations, handstands and variations, and pressing. Learn to teach, spot, modify, and sequence in a way that makes inverting about bringing out your inner child, strengthening proprioceptive qualities, and just building better balance overall. 

Applied Anatomy in Practice: 

Authentic Movements is all about the WHY behind the WAY. Or maybe it’s better to say “A” way, instead of “THE” way since we don’t really believe movement or yoga in general is a one-size-fits-all practice. A great deal of the WHY or the intent in a posture, alignment cue, or entire sequence boils down to understanding the basics of anatomy, biomechanics, postural tendencies, compensations, and more. Attendees of the 300HR Intensive receive access to the AM 15HR Anatomy and Sequencing course to ensure that no matter your background or previous trainings, you arrive with a solid foundation. Anatomy is sprinkled daily into the training through review segments and sequencing lectures, and near the midpoint, we are graced with a visiting expert for multiple lectures, movement sessions, and a Q/A to dive in even deeper and explore application of that knowledge in action and how it specifically relates to yoga sequencing.

Confidence in Manual Assists: 

Manual Assisting can take many forms, and it is our goal during the AM300 to showcase and practice many of these so that you can feel confident using your hands to assist students when needed. From talks about trauma and the responsibilities of touching to assisting beginners to advanced yogis, we’ve got you covered! Learn teacher-passive assists that encourage the students to find activation in their own bodies, deepening assists to safely help practitioners progress, inversion spots, feel-good assists, and MORE. While we 100% respect that manual assisting is not for everyone, and also respect your right to pass on any specific assist that does not feel or seem right for your body/practice/teaching, we do ask that you only consider this training if you’re interested in trying some of the manual assisting work since it is a large portion of the curriculum and an important player in the accumulation of your hours. Since the training is remote/on-line, having the occasional friend or family member you can practice with is important, especially during the second half of the training.

Re-working Restorative Yoga: 

Think restorative yoga is boring? Not sure of the difference between things like Yin & Slow-Flow? The AM300 hopes to re-work the idea of “restorative” yoga being limited to certain strict methods or tools. The same aspects of logical creativity, dynamic movement sequencing, and applied anatomy can utilized to craft a wide array of restorative style classes and workshops to meet the need of an ever-expanding audience. Join Bianca (and sometimes Steph + Erin) to delve into unique prop usage, myo-fascial release seminars, pranayama workshops, meditation clinics, and even peak pose restorative work to bring the spark back to your restorative practice and teaching. 

Strength & Conditioning on Your Mat: 

Authentic Movements is proud to offer a dedicated Strength and Conditioning coach for our 200 & 300HR trainings. Yoga is a wonderful movement and mindfulness practice, but we believe that incorporating some methods and practices from the lifting world can highly benefit the hyper-mobile crowd that tends to be drawn toward yoga. Our coach offers introduction to lifting circuits to help recruit pulling muscles and loaded leg strength, helps incorporate props into yoga classes for additional stability work, and leads lectures on position and breathing mechanics. He also offers limited, remote sessions for those looking to achieve a certain goal, re-frame an injury, or just explore what the world of strength can give you, both on and off the mat (heavily discounted, but additional charges may apply).

Additional Topics

Alignment Mechanics, Advanced Cueing, Props and Modifications, Introspective Practices (Journaling/Mantra/Pranayama/Mandala), Yoga Philosophy and Asana History, Myofascial & Meridian Work, Exploring Meditation Techniques, Breath Work Breakthroughs,  Workshops/Retreat/Training/Festival/Online Development, Integration of Other Movement Modalities, Business Development, Social Media Workshops, and MORE!

The course also includes

  • 800+ pg Course Book w/ Syllabus (virtual download)
  • Access to weekly Bonus Live Classes + Recordings (library currently contains 100+ extra classes)
  • 35HR Online Pre-work course to prep you for anatomy & sequencing (ACCESS GRANTED UPON REGISTRATION)

Detailed Course Overview


“Numerous friends and family told me that I would be different when I came back from my advanced teacher training, that my month in Costa Rica would change me. I remember nodding and smiling, agreeing that my training with Authentic Movements would heighten my knowledge as a teacher and strengthen my personal yoga journey. Little did I realize that my month at Flo completely shifted and changed who I was, in more ways than I could possibly share. I could write about how Steph, Erin, Bianca, Anthony, Doc. Jen, Mr. Kim, and Dr. Ben House filled my mind with more information than I thought possible, challenged me to examine what I believed in and why, and reminded me just how physically strong I truly am. I could write about the incredible flows that were led everyday that challenged my body and inspired my mind to teach with such creativity and healthy mobility. I could write about the friendships I made with women I continue to talk to everyday. Friends I feel excited to share my most wonderful news and safe enough to share my darkest thoughts. I could even share about the moments of quiet, personal reflection that allowed me to reset from the frantic pace of my life. These countless lessons do not hold a flame to the most important value this training instilled in me; respect. 

Respect for my voice, my body, and my knowledge. The importance of surrounding yourself with people who not only respect you but also respect themselves. This training not only gave me the confidence to speak up, but the importance of being heard when you do so. Authentic Movements Advanced Teacher Training is so much more than just 300 hours of lectures and flows. It is a movement in itself. A community that will hold you accountable to be the healthiest, strongest, and truest version of yourself, and this is due to the character and values of those who created it.” – SAM GOODMAN (April 2019)


Meet the Lead Teachers & Team

Steph Gongora


Focus Topics: Sequencing, Anatomy, Inversions

Steph Gongora (@casa_colbiri) is a certified yoga and aerial teacher currently based in Uvita, Costa Rica & Marshall, NC. An athlete her whole life, Steph practiced gymnastics until high school, taught pole fitness during college (where she studied Biology and Chemistry), and has had a serious daily yoga practice for over a decade. Her teaching style combines precise breakdowns of form and anatomical cuing with a creative flow style, stressing unusual transitions and authentic movements practices.

She has developed a deep love and respect for inversions of all kinds, which is what prompted her to write her first two ebooks The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand & The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand Pressing. She later added Starting a Yoga Practice & Fully Body Backbends for those looking to deepen their personal asana exploration.

Erin Kelly


Focus Topics: Sequencing, Philosophy, Inversions

Erin Kelly @erinkellyart is known for her personal grace and fluidity of movement in both practice and teaching, and can often be found upside down or cultivating creativity through unusual transitions. Her teaching style is refreshing and playful, while still incorporating precise cues and pose breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to personal growth. Erin has studied under Megan Currie and has also spent many hours training with Tearson Bickmore, as well as received extended hours in Dharma and Rocket under a Yancy Schwartz mentorship.

A true artist by nature, Erin received a BFA in Oil Painting with a minor in Art History from The Maryland Institute College of Art. She is passionate about the idea that if we open our bodies up physically, we can tap into all sorts of creative, emotional, and psychological breakthroughs. Whether it’s with a paintbrush in hand or just through body movement, Erin is continuously creating her own form of art and expression and believes we all have this freedom of expression.

Bianca Scalise


Focus Topics: Sequencing, Manual Assists, Re-Working Restorative

Bianca Scalise ( has a heart on fire to share the healing and soul enriching practices of Yoga and meditation as well as make a positive impact in the world. Bianca is the creator of Amor en Acción, a Yoga and Seva project that combines self love & selfless service into week long Yoga retreats/ Humanitarian Trips. On our trips we collaborate with non- profits to positively impact communities in need in the areas of education, child nutrition, women’s empowerment and wildlife care. Join our next Amor en Acción trip here.

Bianca studies Yoga and mediation all over the world. She recently completed a 500 hour certification program with Dylan Werner, with whom she also toured internationally to assist intensives and workshops. She is currently pursuing an additional 500 hour program with Yoga Medicine. Dynamic and tantric Meditations are sprinkled into her classes as well as her love for anatomy and understanding the body.

Anthony Difiglio

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Anthony Difiglio (@anthonydifiglio)has been working intimately with people for 10 years- integrating perspectives across the domains of performance, health, and healing. His humility to the human organism keeps him constantly learning and adapting to better guide others through their internal and educational experiences. Anthony’s work is thoughtful and thorough, an intuitive effort to restore and deepen the connections of the body and mind through awareness, connection and genuine care. Alongside his post-graduate education and specialized work in exercise and physiology, his array of experiences broadens the lens of how we see learning and life.

Anthony regularly works with the Authentic Movements team for all 200 and 300HR trainings, as well as some advanced teaching modules.  His amalgamation of knowledge, along with his attentive listening skills and experience coaching all types of movement artists, athletes, and individuals with injuries make him an invaluable asset to these intensive events. Anthony lectures on breathing mechanics, postural awareness, variability in movement/life, and also leads  circuit sessions to help incorporate some leg load, pulling, and solid exhales into the world of yoga. In addition, he works with the lead teachers to creatively incorporate props and position into morning and evening sequences and also assists with overuse injuries during the training itself.

Guest Anatomy Expert

Authentic Movements believes in providing a well-rounded view of anatomy, both through the lead teachers and S&C coach, as well as a visiting expert. The selected individual is typically in the Physiotherapy field with experience in the yoga world or a similar modality so that they are able to successfully share and apply their wealth of knowledge with the attending teachers. This expert will be lecturing and leading  activities for 7 days during the middle of the training. The team at AM loves to work with a wide variety of anatomical experts to provide a deeper glimpse into the ever-changing and evolving world of applied anatomy and biomechanics. More info to be announce…. <3

Ben House PhD, CISSN

Nutrition + “Goal” Setting

Ben House PhD, CISSN (@drbenhouse) has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist since 2006. He is currently lifting, teaching, and researching after finishing his PhD and a multi-year metabolic health study within the Nutritional Sciences Department at UT-Austin. dr. House has numerous publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as The International Journal of Obesity, has presented his work at multiple international conferences, and his passion is researching, writing, and teaching. Ben offers multiple lectures throughout the 300HR training starting with the “Case for Muscle” and how yogis may need to incorporate some additional modalities if they want to keep doing yoga for the long haul with minimal risk factors. He also offers lectures on general nutrition, and goal setting/habit establishment.

Kim House or “Mr.Kim”

Zazen Meditation Teacher

Kim House or “Mr.Kim” has been an ordained Zen Buddhist Teacher since 2008.  When not leading meditation and guiding students with their mindfulness practice, he works as an information technology consultant specializing in helping non-profits.  Kim lives in Wisconsin in the warmer months with his wife Amy Haines.  In the winter months Kim is often at his son and daughter-in-law’s retreat center ( in Uvita, Costa Rica.  Kim helps with meditation at the many yoga and wellness retreats held at Flō and elsewhere. <3

Cancellation Policy & Legal Fun

We understand that life happens and things change. We will do our best to be flexible, however, the closer the cancellation is to the actual start date, the less likely it is that we will be able to fill your space. Deposits are considered $500 USD. If you pay in full, consider $500 of the payment to be your non-refundable/non-transferable deposit.

***Once the program begins, there are no refunds of fees, no exceptions.***

Videography and Photo Release: There will be Photographs and video taken during training and used for promotional purposes. By signing up for this retreat, you are agreeing to allow any photographs taken of you to be used by Steph Gongora, Erin Kelly, Bianca Scalise, Casa Colibri,  and/or Authentic Movements.


This course is open to anyone who has already taken a 200HR program from any school.

It does not matter if your 200HR school is Yoga Alliance Registered.

If you do not meet these requirements, but still want to be considered for the course, please email us at [email protected] BEFORE purchasing.

Partial Scholarships and payment plans

While Authentic Movements tries to keep prices affordable for all interested parties, we also offer need and diversity-based scholarships.

If a scholarship or partial payment plan would open up this opportunity to you, and you’re interested in learning more, please fill out our attached form with as much detail as possible.