Starting a Yoga Practice: Introduction to Movement

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Interested in trying Yoga, but not sure where to begin? With all of the resources available, figuring out an ideal starting place can be difficult. This five class package aims to introduce the main aspects of the physical Yoga practice so that you can feel comfortable on your mat, whether that’s with continued personal exploration or in a public class setting.

From basic terminology to connecting breath with movement, learn to listen to both simple and detailed cues and implement them into your postures and transitions. Fine tune your focus with directed gaze, and cultivate a lifted lightness through specific muscle engagements. Find comfort and stability in efficient prop usage to help you safely modify and progress your practice for your personal needs.

All five full-length classes are about an hour for the busy practicioner, but still contain a proper warm up, funky flow sprinkled with drills and strengtheners, and a softening cool down section. In Steph & Erin’s signature style, the focus is on moving slowly with attention to alignment and form, both in the postures themselves and the space between. The perfect place to begin or fine tune your movement journey.

Ideal for the true beginner or those looking to revisit the roots of the physical Yoga practice and hone in on body awareness and engagement.

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