Finding Float + Spread Your Wings & Soar Bundle

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Interested in beginning an inversion journey, but not quite sure where to start? Our Finding Float Package focuses on teaching you the basics of headstand, forearm stand, and handstand through essential warm ups and strengtheners, a fun flow section where you can practice integrative movements, and a workshop portion where we take the time to break down specific drills to get you upside down!

With over 5 hours of content, Finding Float will help you build the confidence and body awareness to start exploring the world from a new perspective. This package is ideal for those looking to just start their inversion journey!


Spread Your Wings & Sore is a natural progression package from Finding Float that highlights on such topics as: deep belly activation, headstand transitioning, hollowback forearm stand, and learning to press to handstand. Classes are organized by inversion type and can be done in the presented sequence or any order of your choosing.

Erin & Steph provide over 5 hours of content that includes detailed warm-ups, helpful sequences to practice new skills, intricate workshop sections to progress your practice, and of course, related cool down and restorative work. This package is ideal for those with a regular yoga practice and some knowledge of inversions.

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Inversions are complex and progressive postures. For some people, having all of the tools and a clear practice path in front of them can lead to more efficient progress. The Inversion Immersion Bundle combines all classes from Finding Float and Spread Your Wings & Soar, giving you a clear picture of how to start getting upside down and where it can take you.


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